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Painting houses is our art. OJM Painting & Sheetrock Repair LLC is a seasoned painting contractor in Milton, FL. For over 15 years now, we have delivered affordable, enduring & impeccable painting services for residential & commercial clients.

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Never Go for Cheap Residential Painting Services!

From our expert’s perspective, here is one of the greatest pieces of advice you’ll get: “Never go for the cheapest residential painting service because Cheap is Almost Always More Expensive.

Unfortunately, in the painting industry, there is a huge price variability. Some painting companies will charge much less than the competition. And some homeowners tend to hire these cheaper house painters in the hopes of saving money. Sadly, most of the time, clients end up disappointed because cheaper prices can only mean lower quality painting results.

We have had our share of experiences where clients go with another house painter just for a lower price, but then, they call us back to help them fix the mess. They would say something like: “Oscar, I’m going to send you all the photos. I need you to come and repair my house because everything was done incorrectly.”

So, instead, what we advise you is to hire us, even when there is another house painter offering a lower price. We guarantee your painting job will be done right the first time. Your coat of paint will look impeccable, will shield your house & you’ll only have to pay once, not twice.

Freshly painted room with white walls and wood baseboard trim
Worker Painting the Interior of a House in Gray and White

Interior Painter: Painting Houses Is Our Art

Painting the interior of your house takes skill, precision, creativity (talent) & effort. Thanks to our dedication, constant learning & our 15 years of experience, we now gather all the attributes of a reliable & professional house painter.

We promise to paint your house interior without getting a drop of paint on anything.

And after we finish painting your house, we’ll leave your space clean and neat, ready for you to have a fresh start after a fresh coat of paint.

Call us to give you a free quote, advise you throughout the process & deliver impeccable & durable residential painting results.

Get Effective Pressure Washing Services in Milton, FL

Normally, when a client calls us to paint his/her house, we pressure wash the surface as part of our prep work before painting (In this case, pressure washing cost goes included in the painting job estimate).

But if you only need to wash your house and not paint it, OJM Painting & Sheetrock Repair LLC also offers services as a pressure washing company.

Get Effective Pressure Washing Services in Milton, FL
Worker on a Ladder Painting a Two-Story House in Light Blue

Exterior House Painting: Quality & Lasting Results

Before painting, one crucial step we always do is to pressure wash all surfaces.

We use pressure washing to remove the dirt, grime, and chipped paint from your house surface. And when we work over a clean surface, the paint will adhere to the surface and last longer. In other words, the exterior coats of paint will be a weatherproof shield that will protect your house integrity for the next 5-10 years.

So, if you need a reliable, affordable & qualified house painter near Milton, FL, you can call us.

Hire a Superior Commercial Painting Contractor in Milton, FL

As a versatile painting company, we also offer affordable, durable & appealing commercial painting services.

Sure, the scale of a commercial painting project is way bigger than a residential one, but thanks to our 15 years of experience, we are locally known for providing excellent commercial results.

One of our successful projects was the complete renovation and painting of the Santa Rosa Center for Rehabilitation & Healing located in Milton, FL.

After Hurricane Sally, this hospital needed the sheetrock replacement and painting of 68 rooms, door painting of every room, and flooring installation in 4 showers.

The president of the hospital ended up satisfied and grateful with the commercial services we provided. And you can be our next happy client!

Worker Painting the Interior of a Hospital Hallway