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Our mission is to deliver quality, durability & affordability in every coat of paint. For 15 years, OJM Painting & Sheetrock Repair has served as a trusted commercial painting contractor in Orange Beach, AL. We help restaurants, resorts, shopping malls, cafes, bars, hotels, beach houses, etc. Call us or fill out the contact form to get our long-lasting painting services!

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Premier Commercial Painting Services in Orange Beach, AL

When painting the facade of your commercial building, you need an appealing finish that reflects your brand and impresses your visitors/clients/guests. But also, you should protect your building from harsh weather and insect damage for years to come by getting our high-performance paint.

We deliver premier painting services to restaurants, hotels, resorts, beach houses, shopping malls, cafes, bars, apartments, condos, etc.

You can trust us as your commercial painting company in Orange Beach, AL, and we’ll guarantee to work hard & smart to deliver the finest & longest-lasting painting results.

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Beach Hotel & Restaurant Painting Services in Orange Beach, AL

Since Orange Beach is a touristic city, its hotels and restaurants are visited by people around the globe. If you own a hotel/restaurant or manage one, you landed on the right page. OJM Painting & Sheetrock Repair LLC can help you make sure your hotel/restaurant stands out from the crowd by delivering superior, unique & enduring paint finishes.

Our professional commercial painters show up on time, finish your painting project on time, and can accommodate off-work hours if needed.

By getting our hotel/restaurant painting services, you’ll make sure to give the look and feel you want for your establishment.

Whether you need to paint a newly constructed hotel or give an old one new life, OJM Painting & Sheetrock Repair LLC is the right commercial painter for the project.

We’ll make sure your hotel/restaurant not only looks awesome from the outside, but also makes your customers feel relaxed and comfortable, like at home!

Shield Your Beach House with Our Premium Painting Services

When painting beach houses or beachfront vacation rentals, the nemesis of upkeeping these properties is “the salty sea air.”

Fortunately, we don’t fail to support beach house owners by providing premier quality paint finishes so that salty moisture will not peel, chip, and fade your exterior paint.

If you haven’t decided on your beach house paint colors, we can help you pick them. Then, we proceed to remove the old, loose, blistered or chipped paint and pressure wash the surface of your beach house to remove salt, dust, dirt & grime to guarantee pristine results.

We always use primer of the highest quality and apply it the right way. Then, we’ll apply premium-quality acrylic latex paint since it is the one that better protects your house from sea salt damage. Last but not least, we are meticulous yet fast beach house painters. We are confident your guests will love the new look of your beach house. And they will call you again to rent your beach house to enjoy their vacations.

Pressure Washing Services in Orange Beach, AL

We are a highly versatile business since we also serve as a pressure washing company. We offer both residential and commercial pressure washing.

With our pressure washing services, you’ll clean your house/building surface and remove salt, mildew, dirt, and grime.

Some of the benefits of washing your house/building are:

  • Save money by preventing paint damage
  • Allows you to see what needs repairs
  • Cleanliness will boost your property’s curb appeal
  • Prevents allergen buildup
  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas safely and easily

Call or email us today to cleanse surfaces in a way that is thorough and effective.

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