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We are all about perfection, protection, and beauty in every brush stroke. Call OJM Painting & Sheetrock Repair LLC, and hire us as your painting contractor in Pensacola, FL. We’ll love to start spreading the magic of color over your house, and make it the most dazzling piece of art in your neighborhood.

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House Painter in Pensacola, FL: Cheap Is Always More Expensive

I am sure you’ve heard or used this saying many times: “Cheap is always more expensive.”

But you might wonder what it has to do with painting houses? Unfortunately, in the painting industry, there is a huge price variability that is worse than in other industries like roofing, remodeling, concrete work, handyman, plumbing, etc.

In fact, in the painting sector, we have painting companies that charge much less than the rest. And some homeowners tend to hire a cheaper house painter, but end up disappointed with the results. Wondering why? Cheaper prices can only mean lower quality painting results.

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And we have had experiences where clients go with another company just for a lower price, but then, they call us back to help them fix the mess. They would say something like: “Oscar, I’m going to send you all the photos. I need you to come and repair my house because everything was done incorrectly.”

So, from our expert’s perspective, here is one of the greatest pieces of advice you’ll get: “Never go for the cheapest residential painting service because Cheap is Almost Always More Expensive.”

Interior Painter: Spreading the Magic of Color

Your house is the canvas, we make it art! You imagine it, we paint it. Painting your house for us will be an honor. We love to spread the magic of color to households because we know how color can influence our mood. Luckily, our color consultants can help you pick your house paint colors right.

By helping you choose the right color and providing supreme quality painting services, we promise you’ll love your home more than before. Call our house painters near Pensacola, FL for support.

Freshly painted room with white walls and wood baseboard trim
Worker with high pressure washer cleaning house facade

Pressure Washing Surface Makes Paint Last

Pressure washing is a fundamental part of our prep work when painting houses. We use pressure washing to remove the dirt, grime, and chipped paint from your house surface. And when we apply a high-quality primer and then a coat of paint over a clean surface, the paint will adhere to the surface and last longer. In other words, the exterior coats of paint will be a weatherproof shield that will protect your house integrity for the next 5-10 years.

OJM Painting & Sheetrock Repair LLC also offers services as a pressure washing company in case you only need to wash your house but not paint it.

Exterior House Painting: Increase Your Home Lifespan!

Painting is the secret formula to enhance your house appeal and lifespan. Basically, painting not only makes your home look brand-new, it also helps to protect and prevent damage to your house from harsh weather. As a result, your house value will definitely increase.

Other exterior painting benefits include:

  • Keeps termites away
  • Increases lifespan of siding
  • Is a budget-friendly home improvement
  • Is the chance to change your exterior paint colors
Work crew painting 3 dormers in light blue and lilac

As you see, painting your house can have a tremendous impact. And you don’t have to spend and wait as much as you would in a remodeling project.

Now that you know that painting your house is a wise investment, be aware that these benefits are possible only when you hire an experienced, committed & detailed-oriented residential painting company. It’s definitely your lucky day because OJM Painting & Sheetrock Repair LLC gathers all the aspects of a trusted painting contractor in Pensacola, FL.

Work crew painting the high indoor walls of a Catholic Church

Commercial Painting Services near Pensacola, FL

We also serve as a commercial painting company. Thanks to our commitment to quality and our 15 years of experience, we are capable of undertaking and completing commercial painting & renovation projects. Without a doubt, we’ll bring color and protection to your business!