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OJM Painting & Sheetrock Repair LLC has grown over the last 15 years thanks to the excellent service offered, one of our priorities. The world has changed, and it is still evolving fast. Therefore, we have a new vision to provide unique and outstanding painting services. We are a trusted, punctual & affordable painting service in Tillmans Corner, AL.

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Get Unstoppable Benefits by Hiring Our Local Painters!

We can mark a straight difference from other painting contractors, that is for sure. Try our exceptional interior and exterior house painting services.

We are proud to mention that our bonus offered to our clients, as few local painters provide, is a warranty on every job completed. Our painting warranty can cover your paint job for a few months. In some exceptional cases, we offer a 1-year extended warranty, depending on the scale and complexity of your project.

Our Color Consultants Can Help You!

Don’t know what color to use?

With us, it is effortless to choose your house colors. We will go to your place to paint one square foot on the wall with one color and another square foot with the second color. And from there, you can have an accurate sample of how both colors work together. If you want to try more colors on your walls, we can also help you.

Our Local House Painters Will Help You Select Your Color Palette
Local House Painters in Tillmans Corner, AL

Get Our House Interior Painting in Tillmans Corner, AL

We are expert, diligent, and honest house painters near Tillmans Corner, AL, and we are not boasting; that’s the truth and our reality, according to our client’s comments and evaluations.

You will be satisfied with our interior painting service. Believe us! Allow us to provide the best paint colors for your indoors, like bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Our mission is to do a superb painting job.

We are a trusted, punctual, and affordable residential painting company. And if you hire us, we can completely transform your house, giving it warmth and personality while increasing its value.

When you think about the best option for painting your house, we advise you to choose the perfect indoor paint sheen. One of the most effective paint sheens for indoors is eggshell paint. You can apply eggshell paint to cover medium-traffic indoor areas, like dining rooms, living rooms, and home offices.

You’ll Love Our Exterior Painting Service in Tillmans Corner, AL

Don’t you know which color to pick for your house exterior?

No worries! OJM Painting & Sheetrock Repair LLC can help you decide. We’ll love to talk to you to bring color options and samples. We value your satisfaction in delivering an outstanding painting service, and color plays a huge role in achieving that.

Regarding exterior house paint sheen, satin paint is suitable for painting your house’s facade. Other surfaces you can paint with satin sheen include doors, trim/baseboards, and porch ceilings.

To achieve all the benefits of satin paint and protect your house exterior, you must hire an expert painter to apply it for excellent results.

Commercial Painters in Tillmans Corner, AL

Tillmans Corner, Your Commercial Painters Are Here!

OJM Painting & Sheetrock Repair LLC offers commercial services to help you with painting projects. We’ll paint your business building with minimal disruption and with the essential precautions. Your business will be kept neat and organized.

We also guarantee excellent, sustainable, and marvelous results at affordable rates for all our commercial painting services.

Our team of skilled painters is certified to attend your stores and business with commercial painting solutions.

We always work within time and budget. Punctuality is one of our core values, but saving you money is our priority.